Wir weinen nicht, wir singen

Meinrad Heck Born in 1957, Meinrad Heck lives in Karlsruhe, Germany. He spends a month each year in South Africa. He has been active as a journalist since 1979, both as a free-lance reporter and since 2000 as a correspondent for the “Stuttgarter Zeitung.” He has published several books and is the recipient of the Theodor Wolff (1988) and Wächter (2000) Prizes for investigative journalism. He has published in travel magazines with an emphasis on southern Africa and the Middle East. His photos of the transition in Eastern Europe and the Balkan conflict were shown under the title “Rücksichten.“ Peter Maurer Born in 1952, Peter Maurer has lived in South Africa since 1986 and has been taking pictures for as long as he can remember. He grew up in East Germany, where he served eleven months in prison for expressing anti-government sentiment. After emigrating to the west in 1978, he became a free-lance writer and photojournalist. A year in Mexico (1983) was followed by an overland journey from West Germany to Cape Town (1985), where he fell in love with South Africa and his wife-to-be. His firsthand knowledge of state terror helped him appreciate South Africa’s transformation. Today he lives with his family on the Indian Ocean. About this book The two photographers who created this book support the Zeit-Lupe.com initiative to promote quality journalism.

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